Tiffany Haddish Opens Up About Success After Being Homeless

By: SportsGuyMike Luper – Sr. Contributing Editor 

Tiffany Haddish’s success … is kind of like a sperm’s flight? Leave it to the Girls Trip star to share what could have been an off-putting analogy and make it seem downright charming.

The 38-year-old covers the latest issue W, and inside, she gets real about her successes and failures, and how her stint in the foster system and time homeless made her stronger.

  • “In failure, there can be success. By that I mean you can learn what not to do. I find the funny in a lot of failures, because I’ve had enough of them,” the Girls Trip star says. “But I am resilient, my soul is very determined. Ever since I was a little sperm, surrounded by all those other sperm that were stronger than me, had a longer tail than my tail, swam faster than me, I made my way through. I got knocked into other sperm—it was a battle, but I made it to the end.”
  • She also talks about her approach to getting snubbed in the Supporting Actress category at the Oscars this year.
  • “I could have been mad,” Haddish says. “But I would always rather try to be funny in any situation. Even when people are laughing at me in a mean way, I still feel some kind of healing from it. When I get super-depressed, I’ll go on YouTube and look up ‘babies laughing’ just to change my mood.”


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